Courthouse in Arlington VA offers the best of the best! TheSilver & Orange line run beneath the ground leaving loads of space abovefor living, walking, biking, eating, drinking, and running. The main roads ofClarendon & Wilson Boulevard are really the same streets that separate atCourthouse going west towards Ballston.

Courthouse is in the 22201 zip code that it shares withVirginia Square, Ashton Heights and Lyon Village. At the moment there areseveral active listings for condos, townhouses and even some single familyhomes on the market and available for sale. One of the my favorite reasons forliving in Courthouse is its proximity to grocery stores, coffee shops, drycleaning, Thai food (J ) and also Washington DC. If I have an appointment inthe city I can take my Vespa, Metro, or drive. If the appointment is inGeorgetown DC I could even walk across the Key Bridge.

Although Arlington is so geographically small that it doesnot have component towns or cities, the Courthouse neighborhood is sometimesreferred to as county seat, as it is home to the primary county governmentadministrative complex as well as a justice center consisting of a jail,courthouse and police HQ. Indeed, the neighborhood gets its name from thegovernmental uses that call it home.

As with many neighborhoods in central Arlington, the exactboundaries of the Courthouse neighborhood are unclear. Arlington County’s CourtHouse Sector Plan includes the area bounded by Wilson Boulevard, ClevelandStreet, Fairfax Drive, Arlington Boulevard and Courthouse Road. TheClarendon-Courthouse Civic Association has similar boundaries. However, anargument can be made to extend the Courthouse neighborhood to lie between themidpoint of the locations of the Court House and Clarendon Metro stations andthe midpoint of the Court House and Rosslyn Stations — which would be Danvilleand Rhodes Streets, respectively.

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