Local and state governments certainly flexed their city planning strengths, worked together to move mountains, revitalize neighborhoods, and increase tax revenues from several existing parcels. And in a rare example – collaborated across boundaries in pursuit of a rare event – luring Amazon’s Northern Virginia headquarters.

The City of Alexandria and Arlington County governments did a fine job showcasing the unique strengths of Northern Virginia (NOVA) most appealing parcels, ripe for (re) development by and for Amazon.

A component of the proposal included a section on properties. And notice it’s plural. The NOVA proposal team essentially looked at Amazon’s RFP, and thought bigger. If they want 8 million square feet, we’ll offer them build-out potential of 11! Ready for today and primed for the future. (Excuse the pun). To achieve their goal of providing unmatched space, proximity to Washington DC, the Pentagon, great talent, transportation, a thriving education network producing high quality graduates, good public transportation and green space, they submitted an impressive proposal, now a refined website, filled with great ideas positioning NOVA as a market leader.  

One of those great ideas included positioning Arlington’s Crystal City and Pentagon City neighborhoods in conjunction with Potomac Yard, which is located south of Four Mile Run in Alexandria.

Until now, these neighborhoods have only shared metro, a bike path, and Jefferson Davis (Rte 1) have have been viewed as distinctly separate neighborhoods.

National Landing Graphic

Going forward they still retain their separate governments, but south of Four Mile Run which has been known up until now as Alexandria’s Potomac Yards is the “South District” section of National Landing. The “Central District” area is Arlington’s Crystal City, and the “North District” is Arlington’s Pentagon City finishing out and completing the 3 communities that collectively define National Landing

By reimaging these “neighbor” neighborhoods as one entity, Amazon has decided to call National Landing its Northern Virginia home. Potomac Yard is the “South District” of National Landing, Pentagon City is the “North District”, both offering up retail, shops, distinctive homes, apartments as well as easy access to transit–and of course–walking distance to Crystal City.

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